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Real Reform

Politics Matters.
Politics touches the lives of everyone everywhere and each should be able to influence and expert opinion on the issues that concern them the most.

But education, perhaps, matters more.
At the existential core of every being is the process of physical and mental evolution, the path from unseasoned and inept action and knowledge to the path of dexterity and proficiency.

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The Aftermath of Wimbledon

At approximately 5:24pm on Sunday evening, the entirety of the 15,000 people in the crowd of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s Centre Court were in complete silence, along with the masses of people sitting on ‘Henman Hill’ and the millions of people watching from home via a television screen – as Andy Murray served for the championship. As Novak Djokovic’s forehand return struck the net, it is fair to assume that the country erupted. While there was a minority of people, myself included, who weren’t particularly bothered about the monumental win for Andy Murray and British tennis, this win will surely have ramifications, mainly good, for the country as a whole.  Continue reading

Same Sex Marriage is a must, but it doesn’t go far enough

I’ve been contemplating all day about what I should write about for my first blog post on this new site and why it should be about something important to me. Not only to me should it be important, but it should be important to all of those who endorse equality, as I believe that equality is something that we should strive for. The UK government is seeing one of its most popular bills (minus the religious factions opposing the bill) going through parliament – the ‘Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill’. This bill is only the start however, and I believe that if we want true equality, we must go further than Same Sex Marriage (SSM), and introduce civil partnerships for mixed sex couples.  Continue reading