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Viva la Revolution… the Literary one that is

I don’t usually have gut reactions – apart from those related to my food intake – but it was whilst conversing with my fellow golfing partners that I was left utterly astounded. Flabbergasted. I started to talk about something which is of great interest to me, and something that is also a great passion of mine – literature. So, I asked two educated 16 year olds, more jokingly than probingly, how many authors they could name. It turned out, that between them, they could name two authors, and were struggling to name the texts which they had – famously – penned.

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The Rise of the Superhero

As I lay in the surprisingly sweltering Scottish sun on a Monday afternoon, I had a daydream, or perhaps a heat induced hallucination, about one of my preferred topics; Batman. I’ve long had an admiration for superheroes, and whilst I have lost hope that they exist outside of the realm of fiction, with age, I still enjoy following their stories through comic books and motion pictures. My favourite superhero has always been Batman, who I always admired for his courage and strength, despite not having any supernatural powers.

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