Writer’s Guidelines

An article that will be considered for submission, should be between 200-2,000 words in length, as we are interested in the quality of the piece, not the length. We would also ask that the submissions are made by young people. We don’t have a minimum age – if you’re good enough, you’re old enough – but our maximum age limit is 25 years of age. We don’t want any young person – no matter how young – to be deterred from writing.

Anything above the word count would be edited by either the editorial team, or the writer, as we see that articles above the maximum word count have the potential to lose the reader’s interest. We will consider all articles for submission on any topic that is of interest to the writer, so long as the content produced isn’t; racist, xenophobic, offensive, or discriminatory.

When submitting an article, please attach your name and – if you like – your age. Feel free to put your personal links (i.e twitter) at the end of the article, and that will be published alongside your article. Also, feel free to attach images relating to your article, which will be used to publicise your article on the site – if you do not, we will find a suitable picture for you.

Please send your submissions to upandcomingwriters@gmail.com

Many Thanks

Editorial Team – The Up and Coming Writers


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